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“Matching individuals whose offspring will have a high likelihood of getting a serious heredity disease is nothing less than criminal”, said Pierre Château-de-Maison, founder of DNA-Match, and online dating service that matches the DNA of those on the look-out for a romantic life partner. His words refer to the practice of Online dating services who simply matches people based on their looks and interests. He further stated: “Ignorance of the importance of DNA is no longer an excuse. If anyone on the planet can map their DNA for less than a hundred dollars at services like 23andMe or, it is inexcusable to use matching patterns that belong to the Dark Ages.”

Pierre also believes that DNA matching provides this service with a competitive advantage in introducing individuals to their perfect romantic partner. DNA matching also allows people to find their perfect match based on their olfactory senses.

A famous experiment was conducted by Claus Wedekind, a researcher at the University of Bern, in Switzerland. ( In this experiment, the DNA of both the male and female participates in the experiment was analysed. The female participants wore a plain white T-shirt for a few hours, after which it was sealed in an air-tight contained. Without ever meeting any of the female participants, males were asked to smell the various T-shirts and indicate which one they were attracted to the most. The result of the research was astounding. There was an unmistaken correlation between the DNA matching of the individual based on the olfactory attraction based on the T-shirt choice. Our noses traditionally told us if the person we met was a good DNA match. This practice has however gone haywire in the last few decades due to the use of perfume, which leaves our traditional senses dumbfounded in choosing the optimal partner.

The DNA Match website looks very much like their competitors, and allows you to shortlist prospective partners based on looks and interests. The DNA-Match website then asks you to link your DNA profile at 23andMe to their service. DNA-Match then uses a variety of Machine Learning tools and apply it to the worldwide DNA research repository at DNSpedia (which constantly updates the latest DNA research from around the world) to determine who on your shortlist provides you with the optimal DNA match.

Pierre believes that science will provide a shortcut to meeting your Perfect Match, and give you the peace of mind that your offspring will have a very low chance of getting a hereditary decease. It seems that our destiny may not be written in our stars, but has been hidden in ourselves all along.



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27 July 2017: Online dating service now offers DNA matchmaking
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