Predicted headline date: 05/11/2018

It was an unexpected surprise for more than 5 000 clients at the larger car hire firms when they obtained a free upgrade from their normal car hires. One of the lucky few individuals was Mr. Ventosa Gullable: “It was an amazing experience. After I presented my driver’s licence, I was informed that I will be given the brand-new German automobile to drive for the week rather than the stock-standard Class B vehicle my company normally books, at no extra cost! It felt like an early Christmas. I loved taking the car through its paces and I am seriously thinking of switching brands when I buy my next car.”

This was exactly the response Mr. Schau Geschenkpferd im Mund, Marketing Director at the German manufacturer was looking for. After obtaining help from the experts at, they firstly tapped into the Social, Open, Knowledge and Economic graphs of Facebook, Google and Linkedin, and merged these with their own client data. Their Machine Learning engines were directed to look for predictive patterns that would indicate if a person had a high likelihood of purchasing a new vehicle within the next three months, as well as determining the monthly premiums that they were likely to afford. Armed with this information, the German Manufacturer entered into a shared-value relationship with the largest car hire companies. Once a person on the targeted list booked a car at one of these car hire companies, they were tagged for a free upgrade to a matched vehicle model. The vehicle is provided free of charge, while the car-hire company simply pocketed the car hire fee without having to provide one of their own vehicles.

“It is close to impossible for a prospective client to fully experience all the benefits that our models offer during a 15-minute test drive, said Mr. Mund. “By allowing a prospective client to experience the car over a longer time period and allowing them to operate it during the day and night, the client gets a far richer experience than before. We believe that clients will remember the brand fondly when they are due to purchase a new vehicle.”

When asked if the German vehicle brand will extend this campaign into 2019, Mr. Mund was more sanguine. “You have to remember that human systems are complex systems. Whenever you change the attractors in the market, the market will react accordingly. It was an interesting experiment, but we will have to see if it leads to the desired result in future.” He might have been referring to the new online trend where individuals were changing their online behaviour in order to get selected by the Machine Learning engine for a free upgrade. An online activist, Mr. Meine Partyverw√∂hnt published a set of actions that would enhance an individual’s chances to be selected by the free upgrade algorithm. It is not yet known if it was the significant increase in selected individuals highlighted by the algorithm, which lead to the trial to be ended prematurely. All we know is that the German Car Brand is currently stuck with a huge amount of speeding tickets which they do not yet know how to react to.

” NB: THIS IS NOT A REAL NEWS STORY (YET). This article is based on a fictional, yet scientifically inspired view of the future. Any mention of an individual’s name is purely coincidental. Brand names used in the article is based on a positive brand association and signals the ability, competence, market positioning and aptitude of the brands to create this future. Any concerns regarding the use of these brands can be brought to the attention of the author who will alter the brand name to a competing brand if so requested.


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5 November 2018: German car brand ends campaign for free car-hire upgrades after enlightening month
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